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Transforming global surgical care

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We value and care for our patients.

The Surgeons House is established entirely to render surgical services in all areas.

All Surgeries

Surgeons House is the dwelling of all surgeons, including general Surgeon, cancer surgeon, transplant surgeon, laparoscopic surgeons, gastrointestinal surgeon, and more.

Qualified Surgeons

Surgeons holding the successful professional working record of 15+ years in a diversified area, conduct the medical surgical process.

Instant Consultation

Pre Surgical counseling is highly focused to fluently proceed with the medical process. Surgeons ensure to instantly reciprocate to patient’s queries.

Seamless Care

Patients’ care is among the extremely engrossed area which the surgeon’s house do not miss to attain. Since, our patients are our first priority.


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Our Doctors

Dr. Saurabh Bansal

Dr. Saurabh Bansal

Founder and Managing Director SHL( Surgeons House Limited)

Dr Saurabh Bansal is currently consultant General and Minimal access surgeon practising in Gurugram And Delhi National capital region. Consult for expert surgical advice!

Dr Niti Vijay

Dr Niti Vijay

Gynaecologist and infertility specialist

Dr Niti vijay is renowned gynaecologist with keen interest infertility practising in Delhi,India. She has humble personality and passionate about treating patients with infertility with evidence based sciences.



MS., MRCS (EDIN.), ASTS Transplant Fellowship

*Fellowship Training in Liver, Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation from INDIA
*12 years of work experience in Multi-Organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic surgery




➢ FRCS Urology - Specialist training from UK
➢ MSc Urology research degree in Academic Urology from University College London (UCL) - world's largest academic health science center and the top-rated university in UK as calculated by Times Higher Education for research power

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Surgeons House is the ultimate surgical platform under one roof. Wherein, Surgeons from different disciplines come together to render various surgeries to patients. Including but not limited to, General Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, etc.

The Surgeons House is the union of surgeons, so patients looking for any surgery can refer to this platform as a one stop place for surgeries. Both minor and  major surgeries are performed by highly professional and experienced surgeons.

After visiting the website, one can simply fill the complete appointment form. Our coordinator will then find a suitable surgeon for you, according to your disease and direct you straight to the right surgeon.


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