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  • March 5, 2023

Biliary atresia is an uncommon infection of the liver and bile ducts that happens in newborn children. Symptoms complex arises around birth to two or three months after birth.

Cells inside the liver produce fluid which is called as bile. Bile assists with processing fat. It additionally conveys squander items from the liver to the digestive organs for expulsion from the body.

This system of channels and pipes is known as the biliary system. At the point when the biliary system is working the manner in which it should, it lets the bile channel from the liver into the digestive organs.


The causes of biliary atresia are not completely understood. For some children, biliary atresia may occur because the bile ducts did not form properly during pregnancy. For other children with biliary atresia, the bile ducts may be damaged by the body’s immune system in response to a viral infection acquired after birth.


Infants with biliary atresia generally seem healthy when they are born. Symptoms of the illness ordinarily show up inside the initial fourteen days to two months of life. Symptoms include:

Jaundice − a yellow shading of the skin and eyes because of an extremely elevated level of bilirubin (bile colour) in the circulation system. Jaundice caused by immature liver is regular in infants. It for the most part leaves inside the main week to 10 days of life. A child with biliary atresia generally seems ordinary during childbirth, however creates jaundice at a little while after birth.

Dark Yellowish coloured urine-  caused by the development of bilirubin (a breakdown item from haemoglobin) in the blood. The bilirubin is then filtered by the kidney and evacuated in the pee.

Alcoholic stools (white or mud shaded stools)

Weight reduction and irritability − create when the degree of jaundice increments.


  1. Blood X-rays 
  2. Abdominal ultrasound 
  3. Liver biopsy 
  4. Diagnostic surgery
  5. An operative cholangiogram is done during the surgery to confirm the diagnosis of biliary atresia


Biliary atresia can’t be treated with medicine. A Kasai surgery is recommended for childhood billary atresia. The Kasai system is an activity to restore bile stream from the liver into the digestive tract.

The specialist evacuates the harmed channels outside of the liver and recognises little pipes that are as yet open and depleting bile. The specialist at that point appends a circle of digestive system to this segment of the liver, with the goal that bile can stream legitimately from the staying sound bile channels into the digestive system.

After this technique, babies are for the most part in the medical clinic for seven to 10 days to recover. Long haul anti-infection treatment is given to decrease the danger of disease.

With an accomplished specialist, the Kasai technique is fruitful in 60 to 85 percent of the patients. This implies bile channels from the liver and the jaundice level goes down.

The Kasai method isn’t a solution for biliary atresia, however it permits infants to develop and have genuinely great wellbeing for a few, at times for a long time. About 25% of patients who experience a Kasai strategy don’t proceed to require a liver transplant.

In 15-40 percent of patients the Kasai technique doesn’t work. If so, liver transplantation can address this issue.

Success with the Kasai system is identified with:

  1. Age: The more young a newborn child at the hour of medical procedure, the more probable the medical procedure will be fruitful. When a newborn child is more established than around 3 to 4 months old, medical procedure is probably not going to be useful.
  2. Degree of cirrhosis (scarring and harm to liver tissue) at the hour of medical procedure.
  3. The number and size of tiny pipes in the scarred tissue that can drain bile.
  4. The nourishing status of the infant at time of transplant (adequate nutrients, fatty eating routine).

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