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Breast Biopsy for Breast lumps

  • March 5, 2023

A breast biopsy is procedure to obtain breast tissue for research centre testing. This is very basic and essential test to obtain the samples from the lumps or any suspicious swelling in the breast to rule out cancer and other breast disease. Early diagnosis is very essential to prevent various complications of breast disease. 

It give an example of tissue that specialists use to recognise and analyse variations from the norm in the cells that make up breast irregularities, other surprising breast changes, or suspicious or concerning discoveries on a mammogram or ultrasound. 

The lab report from the breast biopsy sample will help you decide weather you need extra medical procedure or other treatment.

A biopsy may also be ordered if there are changes in your nipple, including:

  • bloody discharge
  • crusting
  • dimpling skin
  • scaling

Types of Breast Biopsy include:

  • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • Ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy
  • MRI-guided core needle biopsy
  • Surgical biopsy

Before Breast Biopsy:

Prior to the biopsy, tell your primary care physician in the event that you: 

  • Have any sensitivities 
  • Have taken headache medicine over the most recent seven days 
  • Are taking blood-diminishing prescriptions (anticoagulants) 
  • Are unable to lie on your stomach for an extended period of time

How a breast biopsy is performed:

Prior to the breast biopsy, your primary care physician will look at your breast. This could include:

  • a physical examination
  • an ultrasound
  • a mammogram
  • an MRI scan

After a breast biopsy

You’ll likely have the option to return home after the technique. The examples from your biopsy will be sent to a laboratory or research centre. 

If any of the following condition happens, you should contact your doctor instantly:

  • Fever over 100°F (38°C)
  • Redness  at the biopsy site
  • Warmth at the biopsy site
  • Discharge from the site 

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