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Child is a gift- How we can give them best ?

  • March 5, 2023

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A child learns values and great lessons from their parents, family, house, and society around us. It’s the place where they spend the innocent days of their lives. So as a parent, it becomes a huge responsibility to give a healthy environment to them. Certainly, every parent would cherish a good memory for their children. Good parenting usually results in a strong bond and good values. So, if you want to raise happy kids, then you need to start early.

Although, we don’t believe in an ideal way of parenting, with lots of research being done on a healthy and happy child, a combination of little things can immensely enhance your child’s happiness.

Encourage Outdoor Play

By far, outdoor games and activity have the power to instantly charge any person with contentment & positivity. It’s because of the fresh air, fragrance, and the liveliness present in the outside atmosphere that it can easily make us forget about our bad day.

They are most likely to grow many skills and hobbies, playing with their peers. In fact, a study says that children tend to learn new things quickly if it has been taught in nature, including academics. A parent should try to take their child outside every day to play/study.

Inculcate Optimism 

Optimism is something that we practice every day until we achieve it. If it has been taught to a child very early in their lives, then they may easily be able to handle the pressure in adulthood. This activity of inculcating a positive attitude in a child can start from very basic things such as, if your child is feeling unlucky to not own the bicycle that his friend does, then try to make him think the other way around.

Allow Emotional Freedom 

Emotions are the best way to express the turmoil inside. For a child, it is really easy to show their pain through tears, and happiness through there smile. While most parents accept the positive emotions of their child, it has been noticed that they usually try to shut the negative or vigorous emotions, such as anger, frustration, etc.

A parent should understand that just like any other emotion, anger can be tough too, and they need to tackle it calmly. Let your child feels what he feels and teach them about it softly.

Become a role model to them 

Many studies say that a child would follow what you do, rather than what you ask them to do. It means that most of the children gradually adapt the habits of their parents, so if you would read the newspaper every morning in front of your child, then he may subconsciously absorb what he sees and eventually try to imitate you. A parent can surely use this as a strong teaching method.

Practice Regular Gratitude

Practicing gratitude regularly can improve the overall health of a child. By practicing gratitude, we may not mean to say that you must abide your child to follow certain of them. But more importantly, you should teach them the actual meaning of gratitude and let it come from them naturally.

Gratitude can also be achieved by letting your child express freely, because maybe what your child is feeling is actually gratitude, but he isn’t aware of it.

You should ask your child how their day was and how they are feeling about it. This way, they will learn to say what they mean.

Accepts success and failure

Appreciating your child’s success can be an extremely overwhelming day for you, but at the same time, we need to normalize failures in our child’s life. Since life itself is a combination of ups and downs, we should tell our children that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

Also, as a parent, we need to understand that our child may not excel in everything in life. A fact from rigorous study claimed that the suicidal remains high in the current scenario happens due to the inability to accept failures.

Spend quality family time 

A child would know the importance of family. A parent should spare some time from their virtual social life and busy routine each day for their family. While spending quality time may mean, going for an outing or just sitting together and chatting.

The whole point of spending time together is to strengthen the bond and learn the current mental status of each other, because a family is someone whom we can count on.

Give them some space 

There is a popular adage which goes like ‘every person is a born artist’. Before turning this adage into a fact, many researches have been done on the same. They all claim that each child holds some or the special ability in themselves, but all they need to do is just do it.

Here the parents play two roles simultaneously; one of a companion and second of a guide. To gracefully adapt these characters, they should give their child some space to think, while also, guide them wherever they need.

Avoid arguing with your partner in front of your child

A negative environment can be extremely toxic for your kid’s mental growth. A child who grows in a poor marriage is most likely to face mental issues such as, depression, stress, and anxiety. Regular arguing with your partner, using bad words, and mistreating each other can shape bad thoughts in their lives.

They would gradually start hating the commitments altogether and they can possibly inculcate bad habits too.

Help them differentiate between right and wrong

Children are just like the soft clay, they would take the shape that’d be given to them in their crucial stage. Children are the purest version of humans so to possibly develop sanity, you need to teach your child the difference between good and bad.

We believe it’s too much to learn in a day, so we’d leave the rest for you. Try to be in your child’s shoes and give them the comfort that they would want from their loved ones and we can surely see a broad smile on your child’s face. While not forgetting to overdo it at the expense of promoting bad habits. Just be soft and let it flow.


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