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COVID19: Is Health care system sitting on Time Bomb?

COVID19: Is Health care system sitting on Time Bomb?

  • March 5, 2023

The outbreak of COVID-19 brings me many questions to my mind about the existing healthcare structure , health of the society and it’s individuals. This massive outbreak of viral epidemic has challenged the existing governments, healthcare professionals, understanding of the individuals of society, corporate organisations and non healthcare organisations. This outbreak has massively added on economic burdens of the countries.

Don’t sometimes we feel the life has become standstill for all of us? Is it alarming ? Are we fighting or are we scared ? Do we have enough resources to combat this disease? When it will end and we can get our life to normal pace? 

Quarantine period has snatched livelihood of many who work on daily basis to earn there breads. This massive outbreak not only bought the lock down but make me think about existing and future problems of healthcare industry. It took many  lives across the nations and still we are fighting to control spread of infection and restore our normal routines. 

At the same time, government agencies and healthcare sectors should strongly practice frugality to ensure resources for all. The lead take by some non healthcare organisations including technology giants and food chains is  appreciable but at the same time other existing  companies and  industries should contribute to there employees by providing some help in managing their expenses. 

It’s important that we all together keep motivating each other with  common notion of humanity and gratitude  for individuals of the society. Hopefully, we can soon be able to discover definitive  solutions too eradicate this notorious virus. Stay home stay healthy.

Dr Saurabh Bansal ( Surgeon)

Founder and managing director 

Surgeons House Limited 

2020-04-04 13:49:25

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