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Gall bladder cancer – All you need to know ?

  • March 5, 2023

Gall bladder is pear shaped organ located at inferior margin of the liver. It usually acts as small reservoir of storage of bile which is produced by liver. The most common problem associated with gallbladder is gallbladder stones which is very common surgical disease across all countries. Gallbladder cancer usually happens with long standing gallbladder stones over years which cause changes in the mucosal lining of the gallbladder. The incidence of gallbladder cancer is highest in Indian subcontinent around the world.

Common cause of gallbladder cancer 

1)Long standing gallbladder stones 

2) gallbladder polyps

3) obesity and high cholesterol food intake 

4) gallbladder conditions such as porcelain gallbladder and cholesterols is

5) smoking and genetic factors 

Common symptoms of gallbladder cancers 

  1. pain in right upper abdomain associated with stones 
  2. Lump in right upper abdomain
  3. Jaundice 
  4. Loss of appetite and weight loss 
  5. Nausea and indigestion are atypical associated symptoms 
  6. Incidentally detected during radiological investigations

If u notice any above symptoms, please consult ur clinician for further examination and investigations. Initial investigations include blood tests and ultrasound examination. Clinicians will further advice contrast enhanced tomography ( CECT ) abdomain or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for assessment of diagnosis, spread of disease and involvement of other organs. Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is usually performed to take biopsy and confirm the diagnosis of the  cancer. The treatment protocol is based on results of your investigations and general condition of the patient.

The treatment of for the gallbladder usually depends upon the stage. Surgery remains  the curative treatment option for gallbladder cancers. Surgery can be performed by ( laparoscopic/ robotic surgery) or conventional open surgery depending upon the expertise and facilities available. In this surgery ( Radical cholecystectomy usually performed) the entire gallbladder, part of liver, part of bile duct system and lymph nodes are removed and reconstruction of bile duct is done).  Chemotherapy  remains the mainstay treatment after surgery and in case of inoperable gallbladder cancers. Encouraging results are obtained when the gallbladder is detected and treated early.

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