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  • March 5, 2023

Hymenoplasty is the best approach to reestablish the torn hymen of the vagina through which the sign of virginity can be assumed. Either individual is an unmarried youngster who had encountered pre-marriage sex or who engaged with physical exercises like games and athletics or happened incidentally. The procedure for hymenoplasty is performed using the extras of torn hymen and reconstructing it.

This is the surgical procedure accomplished for the reproduction of the hymen which is a pink shading film and is available to hinder the vaginal passage. Hymenoplasty is otherwise called hymen recreation, hymen fix, hymenorrhaphy, hymen medical procedure.


After the appropriate consultation with your specialist and discussion about  about the surgery and also at the same getting real notion and idea before undergoing this  procedure of cosmetic gynaecology surgery. The specialist will give you an understanding about the surgical procedure and give your exact real expectation after surgery. In the following section, we will discuss the various techniques discussed.

THE BASIC TECHNIQUE: In the scenario where there are remains from the hymen, it very well may be sewed back together. A local or in some cases general sedation will be controlled to prevent pain and distress. The specialist will at that point sew the torn parts together – the stitches are dissolvable. The whole medical procedure takes around 30 to 40 minutes and it is generally done on an outpatient premise.

THE ALLOPLANT TECHNIQUE: This procedure is followed when the remainders can’t be sewed back together. The specialist will embed a biomaterial into the vagina and this tear-through material will work as the hymen. This methodology takes around two hours and you will be under nearby sedation.

HYMEN RECONSTRUCTION: In this strategy, the specialist will make another hymen using tissues from the lip of the vagina. Be that as it may, this strategy will expect you to avoid sex for at least three month

Who needs hymenoplasty?

As a rule, ladies look for hymenoplasty for social and strict reasons. By and large, the individual would have lost her virginity in intercourse and needs to reestablish it before her marriage. Sometimes, the young lady would have lost her hymen due to non-sexual exercises however once more because of the strict or accepted practices they think that it is basic to fix the hymen. A gynaecological test is additionally important to decide whether your hymen can be reestablished or not

Side effects:

A portion of the possible reactions of hymenoplasty include:

1) Post-operation expanding, pain and wounding

2) Hematoma

3) Discolouration of the hymen

4) Numbness

In any case, these are minor reactions and the clinical group will ensure that it takes all the vital precautionary measures to keep away from the issues and diminish the inconvenience.

After care:

The patient will be watched for a couple of hours in the recovery room after the treatment and if there are no impending complications, she will be discharged. The individual can continue work following 3 to 4 days. Nonetheless, it is encouraged to start moderate exercises simply following 10 days. A portion of different rules include:

  • You should keep the region clean and will be on anti-infection agents to prevent any disease.
  • You should use warm packs and ice-packs to ease pain and swelling.
  • You can wash up 2 – 3 days after the medical procedure.
  • You have to cease from sex until about two months after the surgical  procedure.


It takes around 30 minutes for the whole technique. Furthermore, It takes around 4 to about a month and a half for complete recovery.

How long does it last?

Indeed, with the advancement in the clinical innovation, medicines do have dependable impact and the outcomes are seen for a more drawn out timeframe. Hymenoplasty, in such manner is the same, particularly with legitimate consideration, and empowers the upkeep of reestablished hymen till the following sexual experience.

Home remedies to regain virginity:

  • Healthy diet
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Aloe-vera: it is probably the best herb found and aides in recovery of the private parts and brings back the flexibility, makes it’s increasingly adaptable, it can likewise help in relieving vaginal bothering and dryness
  • Oak Gall: Oak gall contains a calming component which helps in keeping the dividers of your vagina tight. Subsequently you can apply it by making a paste accordingly observing the positive outcomes.
  • Curcuma Comosa: This is the sort of spice which is useful in recapturing the virginity and keeping the hidden parts tight.

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