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Importance of Regular Preventive Health Check-Up

Importance of Regular Preventive Health Check-Up

  • March 5, 2023

The conventional practice of an individuals of our society is to visit a doctor only if they are feeling sick or for a follow up care of a chronic illness. But lately, the scenario has changed, our healthy lifestyle has come to a halt, our work leaves us with no time for some physical activity. This causes mental disturbance, chronic heart disease, cancers, metabolic disease, obesity and hormonal imbalance. These can be prevented by planning and executing a proper health check-up and maintain healthy lifestyle.

Preventive healthcare is becoming more and more important to keep check on health and lower the risk of any disease. Especially if your family history shows some condition or chronic disease that runs in the family then it is of utmost importance. Regular check ups will help you track a disease at an early stage itself.

Is Health Check Up expensive?

You might feel that health care check-ups cost you a little more but when you take a look at the bigger picture you can understand how these regular check-ups can actually save your money. Diagnosing a disease at an early stage can lower the risk and save a huge medical cost. Also, the fact that you won’t be able to work when you get treated for a final diseases is significant mental and financial loss. Infant , many hospitals have started promoting annual health check ups at very reasonable cost.

Is Blood Test for Health Check-up sufficient?

A blood test carried out in every yearly can eliminate the risk of any potential disease. They are able to identify the diseases like diabetes, thyroid, anaemia, cholesterol related problems, kidney and liver problems etc. Also, it helps you to evaluate if the organs are functioning properly which include your liver, heart and kidneys.

But at the same time, it’s very much important to get your examines by clinician and follow his recommendations for testing. Getting only blood tests done or deciding yourself you may miss out many important details about your health.

Who Requires Regular Health Check Up?

It has been observed that people with a working age group of 35-65 are affected by lifestyle diseases. People in this age group must undergo regular health check-up. Also, if there is a significant history of a particular disease in the family it is prudent to initiate a screening test 10 years before, when the youngest member of the family developed that particular disease. Immunisation against certain diseases, avoidance of tobacco and alcohol and preventive measures should also be kept in mind.

What does health check up constitute?

Various hospitals have adopted different packages for annual health check up. The common check upinclude

  • Visiting clinician, explaining your concerns and examination.
  • Medical, surgical and gynaecologicalexamination( in females)
  • Routine blood and urine examination which includes commonly your complete blood tests, liver, kidney , thyroid and lipid profile.
  • Radiological examinations like X-ray of the cheat and ultrasonography of the abdomen
  • Cardia check up with ECG and Echocardiography

Do Healthy Individuals need Regular Health Check-up?

Irrespective of being healthy or unhealthy a lot of medical experts suggest undergoing a check-up every year for all individuals. In case of healthy individuals, the doctor might take some selective approach to prevent diseases rather than recommending a full body check up every year. Also, there might certain diseases can be very subtle and not show symptoms until they reach a certain level.

Chances of Cure through Regular Health Check Up

Routine surgical conditions like gallbladder stone disease, hernia, early detection of cancers like breast cancer and cervical cancer in women, Prostate problems in males are commonly diagnosed during a routine check-up. Medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cholesterol-related problems are also commonly diagnosed.

These conditions when detected in time can provide early treatment either medically and surgically and prevent you from grave complications.

Take home message

It is highly recommended for everyone to get a regular medical check-up done. Remember “ Prevention is better than cure” !

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