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Indigestion- Can we deal with it?

  • March 5, 2023

How commonly we across this terminology in everyday routine life as well as our clinical practices. This is very vague terminology which is actually characterized by a group of symptoms that refer to indigestion. Most commonly it is referred to symptoms such as fullness of abdomen, the heaviness of stomach, gaseous dissension of abdomen, heartburn, and occasional constipation. Indigestion is also scientifically termed as dyspepsia.

The most common symptoms and risk factors associated with indigestion are:

  • Obesity though it commonly affects the thin built people also
  • Associated gastric and oesophageal ulcers
  • High intake of carbohydrates and fat-rich diet
  • Eating heavy and spicy meals specialty in late night
  • Improper chewing of your meals
  • Sedentary work lifestyle and stress
  • Very limited physical activity or exercises
  • Diabetes, thyroid problems, and old age
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • High intake of products like tea, coffee, mints, etc
  • Bacterial Infection if the stomach by H.Pylori

Most of this symptoms are usually associated with one or more risk factors. One can chart and figure it out which particular things in his lifestyle are causing him symptoms of indigestion. If the symptoms are persistently affecting your daily lifestyle,  we will recommend you to meet your  clinician and get examined timely to rule any other disease associated with indigestion like diabetes, hypothyroidism, gallbladder or kidney stone disease etc.

Initially clinicians prefer to do basic tests along with ultrasound or upper gastrointestinal endoscopy if clinically suggested. The initial management is change in lifestyle which is the core treatment of indigestion caused by lifestyle related factors. However, doctors usually recommend some medications which will give definitive improvement in symptoms.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overcoming the risk factors are the key to many indigestion related problems. In this rapidly moving life, it’s important that we should give priority to our physical and mental health by performing activities which we like and can do it in our routine. As they always “ The first step remains the critical step to any goal”. Things don’t change in a single day but slowly we can walk towards a healthy life. Eat healthy, Do some exercises, and Live healthy!

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