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Lifestyle to be adopted after Liposuction!

Lifestyle to be adopted after Liposuction!

  • March 5, 2023


Liposuction is one of the most preferred cosmetic surgical procedure around the globe. It is a surgical procedure that helps you get rid of that excess body fat accumulated on the various body parts and are impervious to diet and exercise. It basically helps in improvement of appearance and contour of your body. 

Myths of liposuction surgery 

One of the most common myths liposuction very commonly is many people consider it as weight reduction surgery. Lets us make the readers clarify it is absolutely not an weight reduction surgery/ bariatric surgery/ obesity surgery. Liposuction is merely a cosmetic surgery to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat areas of the body which are not responding to ur exercise or weight reduction regime. 

Post operative care depends upon the area of liposuction performed and the amount of amount fat removed. Patients are usually advised medications and binders to reduce the pain. 

Lifestyle after liposuction surgery 

After the surgery maintaining your liposuction results requires certain lifestyle changes. One of the most common misconception about liposuction is that you can return to poor diet and lifestyle choices. The desire to look the way you have always wanted to can be achieved only after you adopt certain lifestyle changes afterwards. 

Relax and Return Slowly

For the first few weeks after the surgery proper rest should be taken and avoid activities that may strain liposuction incisions. Getting adequate amount of rest is essential right after liposuction. You can then slowly and gradually return back to normal lifestyle eliminating any sort of heavy lifting.

Regular Exercise

It is best for patients to start going for walks in the days following the procedure. After a few weeks, exercising regularly will help keep the fat cells under control and will also help you look and feel healthier. This will also help to maintain the constructive effects of the surgery and the appearance that you had been looking. 

Eat a healthy Diet

A healthy diet will help you keep the unwanted fat away from the body and retain the effects of surgery. A diet which is high in fat, carbs and sugar should be avoided and the one rich in mineral, protein and vitamin should be preferred. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will help you maintain your energy levels also drink a lot of water; this will keep you hydrated and maintain a healthy metabolism. 

Dehydration can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, also when your cells are not getting adequate amount of fluids it may affect the wound healing. This small lifestyle change can have a deep effect on your overall weight loss. 

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons for weight gain.  It prompts the body to release cortisol a hormone that triggers the urge to overeat. Do yoga meditation and learn to relax this will prevent the impulse craving for fast food. 

Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for too long hampers your health and may cause you to sag in areas that you would like to keep flat. You should increase your general activity and maintain a good overall physical condition. Take the stairs instead of elevators, stand up for phone calls, walk around your office or home and try to spend your time in some physical recreational activity. 

Be Mindful and Take care of your Body

Take care of your body by making essential lifestyle changes. This can be achieved by following minor changes like paying attention to what you eat, refrain from using medicines that may cause staining. Remember the results are not instant or permanent. It may be necessary to seek help from a dietician to get a diet plan if you are unable to understand what works for you.

Take home message

Once the fat is removed it can grow back in certain areas of the there is considerable weight gain. As there are fewer fat cells in the treated area other area of the body which is not treated may appear to increase in size. 

To gain maximum benefits follow the guidelines advised by your doctor and make healthy choices that help in boosting the result of liposuction. 

Liposuction costs money and time which is intended to dramatically improve and contour your body to bring back your confidence and love towards your own body. So protect your investment by keeping yourself in best possible shape.

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