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  • March 5, 2023

Malrotation is a variation from the norm where the digestive system doesn’t fits in to the right place in the abdomen. It happens during the pregnancy (around the tenth week) and creates when the digestive system neglects to loop into the best possible situation in the abdomen.

 Malrotation is regularly not clear until the child encounters a winding of the digestive tract causing obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract known as a volvulus. A volvulus is a confusion that causes an obstacle in the digestive system, keeping food from being processed typically. The blood supply to the wound piece of the digestive system can likewise be cut off, prompting the passing of that portion of the digestive tract. This circumstance can get deadly if not treated as early as time allows.


The exact cause of malrotation is unknown.


The earliest indication of malrotation is pain abdomain and cramping brought about by the failure of the gut to push food past the check. An infant with cramps and pain because of malrotation much of the time follows typical routine for example where the individual will start crying while at the same time testing their sanity up, quit crying abruptly, act typical for a 10 or 15 minutes, at that point start crying unexpectedly once more, beginning the example all once again.

Other symptoms of malrotation may include:

-Frequent vomiting, often green or yellow-green in colour

-A swollen, firm abdomen

-Pale colour stools and skin

-Poor appetite

-Little or no urine (due to fluid loss)

-Infrequent bowel movements

-Blood in the stools


-Lethargy (showing little energy)


-Abdominal X-ray

-Barium enema X-ray

CT scan


Malrotation is viewed as a crisis circumstance and the improvement of volvulus is viewed as emergency condition. Surgical procedure is required to fix the issue.

Regularly, the infant will be begun on IV (intravenous) liquids to prevent dehydration. Anti-infection agents like antibiotics will be given to prevent contamination.

A volvulus is surgically fixed as quickly as time permits. In the first place, the intestine is untwisted and checked for harm. On the off chance that the intestine is sound, it is then supplanted in the abdomen.

On the off chance that the blood supply in abdomen is in question, the intestine might be untwisted and put once again into the abdomen. Another activity is performed inside 24 to 48 hours to check the strength of the intestine. In the event that apparently the intestine has been harmed, the harmed area might be removed.

For cases in which there is a huge segment of intestine that is harmed, a lot of intestine might be removed. At the point when this happens, the rest of the pieces of the digestive tract will most likely be unable to be joined to one another precisely. To address this, a colostomy or Illeostomy  might be done to empower the stomach related procedure to proceed. With a colostomy, the two staying sound finishes of digestive tract are brought through openings in the abdomen. Stool will go through the opening (called a stoma) and afterward into a collection bag. The colostomy might be brief or perpetual, depending upon the measure of intestine that needs to be removed.

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