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Menopause- Tips and Tricks to mange!

  • March 5, 2023

Menopause is a natural process which is considered as the end of the menstrual cycle.It usually begins in the late 40s or in the early 50s, when women go without a menstrual period for nearly a year. Although menopause is a biological process, but during this time, females experience various symptoms which can affect their  physical & mental well being. These symptoms eventually makes their body much prone to multiple diseases as well. 

Signs & symptoms of menopause: 

Women at the time of their menopause might experience some of these common  symptoms: 

  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular periods
  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Sleep problems
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Thinning hair and dry skin
  • Weight gain because of slowing down of metabolism
  • Loss of breast fullness

These symptoms can abruptly disturb the normal routine of their life & lower their energy, this is why many females look for a solution to reduce these symptoms. 

Here are some of the natural ways to reduce menopause symptoms:

  1. Exercise regularly 

Exercising regularly is proven helpful in improving multiple physical problems and some mental problems. In a study, it was noted that a person who exercise daily is less prone to anxiety and depression, which means a woman during menopause can overcome mood swings and sleep problem if they exercise daily. 

  1. Maintain a healthy weight 

Weight gain is common in most of the women during menopause. In addition, body weight can adversely affect menopause symptoms, this is why it becomes very important to control the body weight. 

There are many ways to maintain a healthy weight including healthy food and exercise. Achieving this may help in eliminating hot flashes and night sweats. 

  1. Stay hydrated 

Drinking adequate amount water in a day can help in avoiding dryness during menopause, as it is among the most prominent symptoms during the end of the menstrual cycle. Water is also very helpful for weight loss, which is an another symptom of menopause. 

  1. Manage stress

During menopause, a female body undergoes many changes which can subsequently affect their mental health as we are very much aware of mental issues and their effects on our health. Managing stress and mental issues are also proven helpful in improving sleep problem & maintaining healthy weight.

  1. Don’t skip meals

Since the natural process in female body requires adequate attention and care. This is why, it becomes more important to ensure that we shouldn’t be skipping meals. In fact, skipping the meals can worsen the symptoms of menopause.  

  1. Protein rich diet 

Being an important building block of bones, blood, skin, and muscles. Protein also helps our body in coping up with the changes. Such as our body undergo muscle loss as we age, during such time consuming protein rich diet every day can slow down this process and keep us healthy. 

  1. Avoid alcohol & caffeine 

During menopause, alcohol and caffeine can promote the symptoms of menopause and make them difficult to overcome. As both of them can increase the chance night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings.  The best way to overcome these symptoms is to slowly minimise the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. 

Apart from the these, eating fruits, vitamin & a calcium rich diet can also help in overcoming the symptoms of menopause. 

Consult your Clinician 

Diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease and diabetes are more likely to cause women during menopause, this is why, in all circumstances, women should always take care of their health and try effective measures to prevent their bodies from diseases. 

In case the there is worsening of the symptoms which not improving with routine measures it is advisable to consult your gynaecologist/ clinician regarding check up and medications! To meet the best team of gynaecologist available at SHL surgeons House Limited available at various global locations, please click this link for more details. 

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