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  • March 5, 2023



Microtia is an inborn disfigurement where the pinna (outer ear) is immature. A totally lacking pinna is referred as anotia. Since microtia and anotia have a similar beginning, it very well may be referred to as microtia-anotia. Microtia can be one-sided (one side in particular) or reciprocal (influencing the two sides).


Its cause is generally undetermined however this has been connected to drugs or liquor use during pregnancy, hereditary conditions or changes, natural triggers, and an eating habits low in sugars and folic acid. One recognisable hazard factor for microtia is the utilisation of  drug called as  Actuate (isotretinoin) during pregnancy.

How it is diagnosed?

Your child’s paediatrician sought to have the option to analyse microtia through observation. To decide the seriousness ear, nose, and throat (ENT) expert will do hearing tests with a paediatric audiologist. It’s likewise possible to analyse the degree of your child’s microtia through  contrast enhanced computerised tomography ( CT) scan, although it is mostly done when the child grows up. 

The audiologist will assess your youngster’s degree of hearing loss, and the ENT will affirm whether an ear canal is available or missing. Your child’s ENT will likewise have the option to prompt you with respect to alternatives for hearing assistance or reconstructive medical surgery. Since microtia can happen close by other hereditary conditions or inborn deformities, your kid’s paediatrician will likewise need to rule out other diagnoses. The specialist may suggest an ultrasound of your kid’s kidneys to assess their developments. You may likewise be referred to a genetic expert if your kid’s primary care physician speculates other genetic abnormalities which might be impacting the other organs also. 

How common is it?

Microtia occurs about 1 in 5,000 births, however rates can differ depending upon ethnic background. In 90% of cases, it influences just a single ear, usually the right ear, and is progressively found in males.

Treatment options:

A few families pick not to intervene surgically. At very young age of child where the structure are developed properly, reconstructive medical procedure of the ear canal isn’t possible. In case you’re uncomfortable with surgical choices, you can hold up until your child is young. Surgeries for microtia will be simpler for older kids, as there’s more ligament accessible to join. 

Rib cartilage graft surgery: On the off chance that you settle on a rib unite for your kid he will undergo two to four techniques over the span of several months to a year. Rib cartilage is removed from your youngster’s chest and used to make the state of an ear. It’s at that point implanted under skin at the site where the ear would have been located.

Prosthetic external ear: Prosthetics can look real and be worn with either an adhesive or through a surgically implanted anchor system. The procedure to put implant stays is minor, and recovery time is minimal.

Surgically implanted hearing devices: Your child may benefit by a cochlear implant if their hearing is affected by microtia. The attachment point is implanted into the bone behind and above the ear. After the healing is complete, your kid will get a processor that can be joined at the site. This processor enables your kid to hear sound vibrations by animating the nerves in the inner ear.

Impacts on everyday life:

Kids with microtia may encounter fractional or full hearing loss in the affected ear, which can influence quality of life. Kids with partial hearing loss may also develop speech impairments as they learn to talk.

Interaction might be troublesome because of the hearing loss  however there are treatment choices that can help. Deafness requires an additional set of lifestyle and modifications, however these are entirely possible and kids generally adapt well.


Kids with microtia can develop normally with help, particularly with suitable treatment and any required way of life changes.  

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