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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Overview: What is Pediatric Surgery?

Pediatric Surgery is the subspecialty of general surgery. It involves the treatment and surgery of fetus, infants, children and adolescents. Paediatric surgery have intensively grown recent times with advancement in minimal access paediatric surgery, paediatric transplant surgery, neonatal surgery and fetal surgery.

What are the subspecialties of pediatric surgery?

  • Neonatal Surgery
  • Fetal Surgery
  • Paediatric transplant surgery
  • Paediatric minimal invasive surgery

What common diseases require pediatric surgery?

There are numerous diseases/ disorders that a paediatrician commonly can resolve and notice where the child will need a specialist paediatric surgeon for further treatment and management . These common conditions include.

  • Surgical care of childhood tumors/cancers , gastrointestinal problems and congenital liver and kidney disease required transplant surgery .
  • Surgery of birth defects (such as conjoined twins)
  • Surgery of abnormality of groin in childhood ( includes hernias, undescended testes, etc)
  • Deformities of chest wall includes excavatum, pectus, etc.
  • Surgical repair of other congenital malformations (hypertrophic pyloric, intestinal atresia, imperforate anus, cleft lip and palate, etc)

Where can I find the best pediatric surgeon?

It could be tough to pick the best Pediatric Surgeon and know the cost of it in India.

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