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Pump up your immune system naturally!!!

  • March 5, 2023

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Immune system; our body’s in-built defence system against illness and infection are very important function to keep us healthy. It helps our body fight against diseases and keep us fit. Although, the immune system works naturally, but a person needs to keep it strong, in order to conquer threatening illnesses.

Specialists and doctors have discovered many ways to boost the health of our immune system. Just to remind health is wealth.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly has multiple positive impacts on our body.

Regular exercise decreases the rate of health diseases, including many chronic diseases. It also helps in improving the mood of a person and reduces stress. A person will not only looks or feel good, but he may also notice an improved pattern of life. So it would be safe to say that numerous benefits of exercise improves our defence system.

Get adequate sleep

Sleeping contributes a lot in an overall health of a person. You must have noticed that if you don’t get enough sleep at night, you feel dizzy and tired the next day. This shows that our immune system is not happy with us. Scientifically also, our body regenerates, recharge and heals during night, when we sleep. So it’s become important for us to give our bodies, some time to function properly. Many studies, both nationally & internationally have proved that inadequate sleep increases the chances of a person to fall ill.

Hence, ideally an adult should sleep for at least 6-7 hours, a teenager should sleep for 9- 10 hours and a child below the age of 10 should sleep for more than 10 hours.

Minimize junk food

Junk food is no doubt very appealing and one cannot resist it but we can surely try limiting our intake of junk food. Eating junk food frequently disturbs our digestive system and lead to many health issues. They also increase the risk of heart diseases and have a poor impact on a human immune system.

Healthy food like fruits, vegetables and home cooked meals for  routine intake will boost ur immunity and make you healthier.

Avoid drug consumption

Consuming any form of drug which are not recommended clinically or self consumption of various unwanted medications available in market can unknowingly affect our mental & physical health. These drugs increases the chance of having life threatening diseases which our immune system is not capable to fight with. They (Drugs) have the tendency to permanently damage, major human parts such as lungs, kidneys, and, brain.

It’s always safe to use medications based on clinicians advice only.

Maintain a balanced diet

Any good habit doesn’t come with single benefit, it mostly has numerous good sides, such as eating a balanced diet keep our body healthy, improve our immune system, minimises the chances of diseases, improves mental positivity, enhance high quality sleep, improve the brain health and what not.

Most importantly, a balanced diet supplies the important nutrients in our body, which are otherwise didn’t get infused.

Stay hydrated

It’s true that our body is 75% water and we need water as much as we need food. Water removes the toxins in the body through perspiration and regulate bowel moments. Hydrating yourself does not directly contribute in fighting against germs or infection, but it does play a vital role in improving daily life. It regulates our body temperature and helps us stay healthy.

Control Stress

Mental health is equally important as physical health of a person. As they say, a healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa. The immune system functions well of a mentally fit person. If you are unable to overcome your stress, then you shall follow natural ways like; yoga, meditation, and exercise to control stress.

Avoid Smoking

Nicotine is the number one cause of death from lung cancer. The addiction of smoking can be extremely unhealthy for our body and immune system. Basically anything toxic can cause a serious hazard to our body’s crucial parts. A person addicted to smoking can opt for numbers of ways to quit it, such as,  e-cigarette, gum and lozenges, nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums etc.

Eat more green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants and calcium, which are responsible for ensuring many health factors such as strong bones, healthy skin, effective digestion, etc. Apart from that, just like any healthy food, it will strengthen our body and immune system.

Limit added sugar consumption

Being the major reason of overweight and obesity, added sugar increases the risk of many diseases. High sugar consumption has been associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and much more. Together all these factors weaken the immune system.

After taking each step carefully to ensure that you are taking good care of your body’s health and immune system, there may be certain  signs like body ache, feeling sick and tired, recurrent infections and weakness of body, can determine the state of your immune system. Those signs are alarming if persistent for long time and should consult the clinician for appropriate guidance and rule out any other major medical conditions.

To know more, consult our team of the best surgeons at Surgeons House Limited (SHL) available at different global locations. Please click this link to contact us.

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