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Stomach cancer

  • March 5, 2023


Stomach is the major digestive organ of the body where the food we eat is churned, digested and stored for small period of time in our stomach. Stomach cancer arises from the internal lining of our stomach. There is common myth associated with stomach problems  as many people do understand stomach as the whole abdomain but just to make u better understand, stomach is the organ which lies in left upper part of the abdomain. 

Common causes of stomach cancer 

  1. old age 
  2. Excessive smoking and alcohol intake 
  3. High intake of salt , spicy food  and meats 
  4. Obesity 
  5. Genetic factors

Common symptoms of stomach cancer

  1. Feeling of fullness after eating
  2. Pain in upper abdomain 
  3. Bloating, nausea and vomiting 
  4. Loss of weight 
  5. Blood in vomiting or stools 
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Generalised weakness , fatigue and anaemia 

Diagnosis and investigations 

If u notice any of the symptoms persisting for longer period please consult your clinician for further examination. The treating surgeon/ clinician commonly examines the patient and advice for blood  investigations , upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with biopsy and routinely an ultrasound initially. Depending upon the initial reports he might advice you to go undergo Contrast enhanced tomography ( CECT) for the abdomain and chest. These investigations will reveal the exact nature of disease, type of cancer  and spread of cancer which will help clinician to further design you treatment plan.

Treatment of stomach cancers 

After the diagnosis is confirmed , the  treatment is decided by surgeon and  cancer specialists keep multiple factors of the patients health in mind. Surgery remains the main treatment which is usually accompanied with chemotherapy and radiotherapy occasionally. The stomach cancer surgery also called Radical gastrectomy can be done by minimal access ( laparoscopic / robotic surgery ) as well as traditional surgery depending upon expertise and facilities available. Patients are usually advised to undergo preoperative( before surgery ) and post operative ( after surgery) chemotherapy depending upon the stage of the disease. 

Outcomes of the stomach cancer surgery are usually good when detected and managed at early stage. Inoperative cancers when detected at late stage usually undergo palliative chemotherapy.

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