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Transplant Surgery

Transplant Surgery

Transplant Surgery is a specialised branch of surgery in which healthy organ is transferred from healthy donor individual or deceased individual to replace the organ which is not functioning . Many diseases can lead to organ failure such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disease, hepatitis, heart diseases,  etc. Birth defects or Injury may also lead to organ failure. The most common organ transplant are kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and lung,

Purpose of Transplant Surgery

Transplant surgery remains the treatment of choice for the conditions that have not improved with medical  treatment  and have led to organ failure. It is performed for patients with end stage diseases or conditions.

Undergoing a Transplant surgery can lengthen a person’s life span and allow them to live a normal life. However, it  depends upon the person’s age, reason for the transplant and organ transplanted.

Types of Organ Transplant Surgery

Organ Transplantation has been one of the most remarkable success in the history of medicine. You can get an organ from a person who is still alive, or from someone who has just died. Solid Organs that can be transplanted are as follows.

Kidney Transplant: Kidney is the most commonly transplanted organ. Various diseases such as Diabetes and high blood pressure are common causes for kidney failure and requires transplant. While most people are born with two kidneys, we can survive with one that is how individuals become living kidney donors.

Liver Transplant: Liver is the largest organ in the body. It is responsible for hundreds for various crucial functions in the body. A Liver failure can be caused from Viral infections and even from alcoholism. Most liver transplant involve transplanting the entire liver also it is possible to transplant a part of liver as it can regenerate itself.

Heart Transplant: Heart transplant is a complex procedure the technology advancement has led to its success rate. More than 3000 hearts are transplanted every year. After the medical procedure most heart transplants can come back to their normal condition.

Lung Transplant: Lung Transplants are recommended for those with severe disease such as cystic fibrosis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and emphysema. After recovering from Lung Transplant surgery people have no limitation in their physical activity.

Benefits of a Transplant Surgery

Living a healthier or less painful life.

Avoiding medical procedures such as dialysis and chronic medications and physical limitations

Improvement of quality of life.

Correcting congenital disabilities.

Recovery after Transplant Surgery

The amount of time required for a transplant surgery depends upon the complexity of the case and what other procedures are required. The operation is being carried out under general anaesthesia and can last for about 3-4 hours. Patients will be require to stay in intensive care unit immediately after the surgery  for variable period of time depending upon the recovery of the patient and the Donor.

Intensive care and postoperative rehabilitation is required for these patients. Immunosuppressive medications to prevent the transplant organ rejection have to be taken by the patients in follow up period.

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