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Surgeons Policy

We intent to take the project in right direction by following bottom up approach ensuring that our roots, values and strong commitment to
the Surgeons House in all aspects. We will also encourage you to go through About SHL.

  1. The surgeons participating in the surgeons will be made to understand the objective and vision clearly ensuring long term commitment to entire proposal in defined direction. Laying down the selection criteria for SHL which will be rigidly followed for stronger foundation of the entire community itself.
  2. To encourage surgeons promote and work to speciality based practise. We intend to develop various allied surgical specialities at multiple levels. These allied surgical specialties include organ based approach in various disciplines of surgeries (Gastrointestinal, Cardio- thoracic, Head and neck , Urogenital, Vascular, Cancer(oncology), Transplant ,Neuro and spine surgery, Paediatric surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecological surgeries, Obesity and metabolic surgery, Plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, fertility enhancing surgeries)
  3. To encourage surgeons to participate in various advancements of surgical sciences and them selves innovating further better
    and newer surgical techniques and procedures.
  4. To escalate the process by creating leaders among ourselves and taking care of various centres across the country
  5. We also intend to provide services to the countries and areas which lack surgical facilities or surgeons by collaborating with local governments in long term.
  6. To create coordination among surgeons and reach for support to the medical colleagues, local communities and various medical tourism countries
  7. To generate feedback system to improvise our results , generation of the database and discuss them to improvise in view of best in giving our patients. Hospitals, organisations and intent to Collaborate Our intention is to build this entire surgical system globally. We intend to collaborate with different hospital in various regions across global locations for operational purposes depending upon multiple factors and feasibility of the entire project.

    The Initiation will be done with surgeons who intend to be part of SHL as whole to develop this organisation for surgeons and doctors.We are very clear about our intent in approach of selecting surgeons as they will only build the very strong foundation for future prospects. The active participation of surgeons not only managing there clinical work as well laying stones for SHL will be essential across different

regions with coordination. The most important criteria is building excellent teamwork to bring best in ourselves in turn to give excellent surgical outcomes. Surgeons should identify themselves as major part of clinical management as well as being an active part of Surgeons House. It’s not only job its more in direction uplifting entire surgical community by building core professional values, expertise and culture.

How we go ahead with the SHL ?

We have tried to form a very simple approach to in all directions. The concept to build excellent surgical teams of various surgical disciplines working in cohesive manner at different global locations. SHL Teams will collaborate with best hospitals in respective city to provide best surgical care. There are various other aspects to SHL strategies and management in various other aspects as discussed above but surgeons are essentially the roots to this entire organisation. We intend to build asset based model mainly in form of SurgeonsHouse offices/clinics with time depending upon the feasibility and resources.

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Dr Saurabh Bansal
Founder and managing Director
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