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  • March 5, 2023

A face lift (rhytidectomy) is a corrective surgery done on face to give more youthful appearance to the face. This technique can lessen the drooping or creases of skin on the cheeks and facial structure and different changes happening on face which happen with age. 

During a cosmetic touch up, a fold of skin on each side of the face is pulled back, and tissues underneath the skin are precisely changed to restore the form of the face to an increasingly young shape. Before the fold is stitched shut, excessive skin is removed. A face-lift won’t benefit the  fine wrinkles on the skin or protect from sun exposure skin damage. 

Indications of the Face lift surgery 

The appearance and state of your face is modified due to ordinary age-related changes. Your skin turns out to be less versatile and looser, and fat stores decline in certain territories of your face and increment in others. Age-related changes in your face will lead to:

  1. Sagging appearance of your cheeks
  2. Lax  skin at your lower facial structure (cheeks)
  3. Deepening of the fold of skin from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth. 
  4. Sagging below the eyelids 
  5. Excessive wrinkling or the skin along the forehead , chin and angle of the mouth. 

Technical and surgical aspects of facelift procedures

As a rule, a face-lift includes fixing the fundamental connective tissues and facial muscles Fat in the face and neck might be etched, expelled or redistributed. Facial skin is then re-hung over the recently repositioned forms of the face, abundance skin is expelled with repositioning done in cosmetic manner to reduce the scar. 

The choice of the procedure and methods depends on the various aspects of the correction of the face along with patients and surgeons preference to attain the best possible results. 

A traditional face-lift incision begins at your sanctuaries in the hairline, proceeds down and around the front of your ears and finishes behind your ears in your lower scalp. The entry point may be made under your jawline to improve the presence of your neck. 

A limited incision is a shorter entry point that starts in your hairline simply over your ear, folds over the front of your ear, yet doesn’t expand right into the lower scalp. 

Neck lift incision begins before your ear cartilage and proceeds around your ear into your lower scalp. A little cut additionally is made under your jawline. 

A face-lift for the most part takes two to four hours yet may take longer if other restorative methodology is done at the same time. 

Risks associated with face lift surgery 

A face-lift medical procedure can cause certain set of complications which patients must be aware before undergoing the procedure. Some can be done with suitable consideration, medicine or careful remedy. Long lasting complications are uncommon but can cause critical changes in appearance. The dangers include: 


Assortment of blood (hematoma) under the skin that causes growing and weight is the most well-known difficulty of face-lift medical procedure. Hematoma development, which generally happens with 24 hours of medical procedure, is dealt with expeditiously with medical procedure to forestall harm to skin and different tissues.  


Cut scars from a face-lift are lasting however ordinarily hid by the hairline and regular shapes of the face and ear. Infrequently, entry points can bring about raised, red scars. Infusions of a corticosteroid drug or different medications may be utilised to improve the presence of scars. 

Nerve injury- 

Injury to nerves, while, can briefly or forever influence nerves that control sensation or muscles. Impermanent loss of motion of a select muscle, bringing about a lopsided facial appearance  or brief loss of sensation which can last  for couple of months to a year. 

Skin damage

Infrequently, a face-lift can intrude on the blood gracefully to your facial tissues. This can bring about skin misfortune (sloughing). Sloughing is treated with meds, fitting injury care and, if important, a method to limit scarring. 


A face-lift can give your face and neck an increasingly youthful appearance. Face-lift results are not permanent for life time. But with age the facial skin may start to hang once more. The results are promising which last for years if appropriate care of the face skin is taken carefully to restore your skin cells and prevent from external damage.

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