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Social Media Box – Are you inside it ?

Social Media Box – Are you inside it ?

  • March 5, 2023

Over the decade, usage of social media accounts has become our integral part of life to the extent that it’s almost everything  that exists in life to many people. Doesn’t it sounds weird and interesting? Probably, we don’t need anyone as phone or laptop screens are our best friends all the day along and Best part is “ they do what we say “. Obviously, humans won’t do that whatsoever you say. So it gives us instant gratification of being self pleased and self obsessed. I agree on the other side it’s one of the most important for our working also.

I think most us agree with big “yes” on all questions. At the same time, it is actually worrisome fact for our mental and social health. 

Medically, it has been observed quite frequently that adolescents do suffer from mobile/ internet/ social media addictions where they keep checking there phones even between important work, this phenomenon is described as “Phubbing”. There has been so many reported cases of cyber threats, cyberbullying, discrimination and stalking which can lead  to  serious mental, social and professional problems. The worst part is people don’t even realise are they been entrapped. This can lead to medical problems arising from overuse of social media and is  described as “ Problematic social media use” which needs some form of therapy.

The medical conditions frequently associated with problematic social media usage is anxiety, depression and social anxiety. “Social anxiety”  arises as the result of individuals spending there time mostly on the mobile screens and feel very anxious with social interactions. It may give arise to symptoms like sweating, numbness, nausea , headache, and fatigue and most importantly inability to interact personally. Behavioural and conflictive therapy have been developed to sort this mental alignments related to over-usage of phone. 

Recently , USA passed SMART act  to curb down this problem with overuse of scrolling again and again on social media pages. But I believe we need seek more  deeper solutions by creating awareness about appropriate usage of  social media. When we say that these platforms were intended to spread education , entertainment, teaching kids , promote small business and socially connecting with people. But as they say every good things come with some bad. 

We need to remind ourselves that virtual friends, our pictures, followers, comments will give intense self gratification as we crave our body to release some instant “ feel good “ hormones. But unfortunately these virtual connects can be short lived as they lack true human values and empathy of seeing each other, sharing smiles and experiences of our life.

We just need to rewind our memories probably 10 years from now and just observe the massive change in our own attitudes towards ourselves, As social media do influence our  brains specially in the adolescent age it’s world of caution to educate ourselves as well protecting our privacy and generation next to make positive use of technology for beautiful mental and social well-being. 

Unpack this social media box and give sometime to real life! 

Dr Saurabh Bansal 

Founder and managing director 

SHL Surgeons House Limited 

2020-04-06 16:01:39

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